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    Friday, March 11, 2016

    Beach Front Tanjung Benoa

    Over the years, Tanjung Benoa has developed from a fishing village into a major tourist destination in Bali. Started as the prime water sport area due to calm waters and white sand beaches, now you find 5* rated hotels, villas and fine restaurants in Tanjung Benoa - next door to the popular Nusa Dua.

    This prime land starts from Jalan Pratama, the main road at Tanjung Benoa. With 25 meter frontage and approximately 100 meters at the back - facing the white sand beach, this 'lucky shape' ("ngantong") piece of property is now on the market.

    There is also a nice paving road on the south-side of the property, in case you'd need a side entrance.

    As an astute investor, it pays for you to take a good look at this 'lucky shape' piece of prime property. By feeling the gentle sea breeze, noticing the calm waves and enjoying the beautiful views, you may find winning ideas on the type of business (or businesses) you'd like to build on it.
    • Status: Freehold (4 Certificates)
    • Land Size: 1.5020 Hectares  (15020 m2)
    • Price: IDR 2.5 Billion per 100M2

    To see the layout and information, Click Beach Front Tanjung Benoa

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