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    Friday, March 11, 2016

    Prime Land Renon

    Location, location and location is still one of the most important criteria when in comes to properties.

    This great property is located in a prime spot in Renon, and with a total land size of 3612m2, it is suitable for many purposes such as for an elite office, up-market restaurant, health clinic, hospital, supermarket, entertainment centre, etc.

    Just around the corner from the Australian Consulate office and BROS hospital, this piece of great shaped land with a wide frontage is also fantastic to buy and keep, as no doubt that it will increase in price quickly.

    Take action soon, as it may not last long at the current price.
    • Land Status: Freehold
    • Land Size: 3612 m2
    • Price: IDR 15.5 million per m2

    To see the layout and information, click Prime Land Renon

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